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The Musky Cup is a tournament created by Byron Walker for all levels of Musky fisherman. An experienced guide and avid Musky hunter, Byron saw the need for a local tournament and the Nestor Falls Musky Cup was born.

The inaugural event in 2012 attracted 15 teams and has grown each year. Teams from across Canada and the US travel to Nestor Falls to participate each fall. Lake of the Woods is well known for its Musky fishing and the lake offers miles of fishing spots from as close as the base of the falls in town to any bay, island or inlet as far as the fisherman wish to travel (as long as they stay in Canadian waters!).

Yes, there are cash prizes and goods that can be won when fishing in the Musky Cup, but the greatest honor? Having your name on the Cup. Carved from a single log, the Cup is given to the winners for the year until the next Cup tournament. The competitors will tell you, it's not an easy tournament to win. In the ten consecutive years the Musky Cup has been held, there have been no repeat winners.

Commenting on the success of the 2020 Musky Cup, Walker said: “Typically, over the course of the 2 days, we'll get 40-80 muskies. This year was no disappointment; the fishing was superb with over 80 muskies caught! Twelve of which were over 45″, including a 47.5″, 2x 48.5″, 49″ and a 50-class.”


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