2020 Videos

Big fish of the day and tournament! Team 3, Damien Stang and Jenna Jarvis, netted the big fish for the tournament, a 50" fish! They won the chainsaw from Nestor Falls Marine for their fish.

Team 28 - Joe Cooper and Steve Theis netted a 48.5 Musky for biggest fish on day 1!

Team 15 - Thatcher Haagberg and Dave Bonke measure their 46.5" Musky.

Team 7 - Cody Szachury & Dustin St. Aubin caught a 46" Musky.

Dallas Mosbeck and Byron Walker caught this nice fish. Whoo!

Team 16 - Robin Holden and Dave Hartlin with their 45" fish.

Glen McDonald and Dave Chavel netted a 38" fish.

Glen and Dave measure another one!